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Patio or Courtyard in landscaping

Here’s just a few examples of ways D&E Landscaping can help beautify your home with pavers.

  • Create a Whimsical Garden Path
  • Makeover Your Patio
  • Create Sweeping Walkways
  • Blended Driveways
  • Enchanting Courtyards
  • Grand Entranceways

See how easy pavers and architectural elements can transform a landscape and even expand your living space outdoors. Pave your way to beauty with intricate stepping stones, tile patios, or brick walkways. Define living areas in your yard with soft transitions between your patio and your garden and blend plant life, water features, and pavers to create your dream landscape.

Pavers in patio for landscaping

Whether as an accent piece or the focal point of your landscape design, pavers add beauty and grace to any project. Whatever your style, D&E can help you create the perfect look for your landscape.


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