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Landscaping and Lighting at night

Here’s just a few examples of where lighting can be used to enhance your landscaping design.

  • Light up Your Walkways
  • Illuminate Your Trees
  • Welcoming Front Entranceway
  • Create Glowing Flowerbeds
  • Romanticize Your Decks and Patios

As the day fades into night, that’s when the most dramatic element of your D&E Landscaping Design comes to life. As night falls, your garden can begin to glow, adding depth and drama to the beauty of your home. Add romantic charm to your deck or patio with glimmers of accent lighting or create a welcoming path and entranceway with comforting lights lining the walkway.

Lighting walkway for landscaping

Our professional designers can give new life after dark to your landscaping design and highlight your favorite elements. With a complemented blend of uplighting, downlighting, and side lighting, we’ll install and create the perfect atmosphere for your area.

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