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What We Do

At D&E Landscaping, we combine the beauty of natural elements with the functionality of comfortable living to create the perfect landscaping design for you and your family. Whether you’re looking to create that magnificent outdoor paradise that you’ve always wanted, or you need to add traffic-stopping curb appeal to make your house stand out, the D&E Landscaping design team can help make your dream a reality!

We specialize in:

We’re Not Just a Landscaping Company
Go ahead. Dream big. Because at D&E Landscaping, we’re not just another landscaping company. We’re a one-stop shop for all your outdoor projects. We can provide the total package including dramatic lighting, water features, paver installation, and design services to create not just a landscape, but a memorable scene that adds beauty to your life night and day.

Our Proven Landscaping Design Process
Our process begins with a thorough analysis of your outdoor area by one of our experienced professional designers as well as a detailed breakdown of exactly what you’re looking for in the designated space.

After learning your likes and dislikes and your budget requirements, our designer will create a virtual design of your landscape. That means there’s no need to imagine what your landscape will look like! With this virtual design, you’ll actually be able to see what your space will look like once the installation team has completed the project!

From there, once the design is approved, our groundbreaking team will get to work transforming your yard, so you can begin enjoying your newly created space.

Ready to begin your project? Let’s start with a free design from one of our designers! Click here now to get started!