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Water features in landscaping

Here’s just a sample of landscape designs that D&E Landscaping can create for your home.

  • Curb Appeal
  • Water features
  • Garden Sanctuaries — Meditation Gardens, Herb Gardens, Butterfly Gardens
  • Pool Paradise
  • Decorative Retainer Walls
  • Xeriscaping (landscaping that requires little to no watering)

Don’t waste time watching home and garden shows about other people’s dream designs coming true! D&E Landscaping can make your dream space a reality on any budget. Our expert designers will work with you no matter if you’re looking to spruce up your pool area with some beautiful plantlife or you want to create the perfect garden sanctuary for you to escape to whenever you need a quiet retreat.

Flower bed and garden in landscaping

Our landscape designs incorporate all the latest techniques to keep your Florida greenery healthy and beautiful and depending on your needs, our designers will help you choose just the right plants for your space. So whether you’re dreaming of a fragrant butterfly garden or a cascading waterfall feature, D&E Landscaping can help transform your space into an extraordinary space.

Ready to get started on your project? Start with a free design from one of our experts! Click here now to get started!