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Irrigation Cost Calculator

Your Irrigation System Could Be Costing You and the Environment.

Have you ever noticed after your sprinklers have run that your sidewalks, driveway, or nearby street also got a good soaking? Does your sprinkler system water all types of plants evenly? Did you know that you could be wasting almost 15,000 gallons of water every year with your irrigation system?! Do the earth a favor and conserve water with an optimized irrigation system professionally installed by D&E Landscaping!

An optimized system takes into account the individual types of plants and makes sure that the quantity and spray of water is appropriate for that area of plants. Most irrigations systems were set up with little thought to the type of plants being watered and most simply space out spray heads evenly no matter what part of the yard they are in. It also doesn’t take long for a system to get “out of tune” with several zones over lapping each other causing one area of your yard to drown while another is parched.

You’ll be amazed at how much water (and money!) you can save in a year’s time! To find out just how much water an optimized irrigation system by D&E Landscaping can save, use the calculator below!

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* Calculation based on the average water consumption per household in the state of Florida, the average percent of household water consumption in Florida that is used for irrigation and D&E Landscapings professional estimate of irrigation water wasted in the systems they have inspected.