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I think that my lawn may have chinch bugs. What's the best way to treat them? Should we spot treat or do we need to treat the entire lawn?
Tracy -
Friday, August 08. 2008

Dear Tracy,

First you want to determine if the affected area is actually chinch bugs.  You may want to call a professional pest control company to have them look at your lawn.  You can also determine if you have an infestation by using a large coffee can or gallon can with both ends removed.  Press one end of the can about 2 to 3 inches into the soil and fill with soapy water.  If chinch bugs are present, they will float to the surface after about 5 minutes.  Best areas to check are where the green and yellow grass meet.  For treatment you may want to try Talstar (comes in a liquid form or granules).  For best results, wet turf throughly with water before applying an insecticide.  Treat the entire area evenly and thoroughly.  Wet the area again after applying the insecticide.  Be sure to follow the directions carefully on how to apply the Talstar and the amount to be used.