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Ask The Designers

What makes us more than just another landscaping company? Our expert team and the fact that we employ full-time designers who are certified and trained in landscape design with specialized degrees in horticulture. With more than 40 years of combined experienced, our designers know just how to draw out our clients’ detailed likes and dislikes and draw in a matching landscape design using the latest landscaping design software. Each one also has experience working in the very specific Florida climate and has studied the plants that thrive in our unique conditions.

Their expertise is available to you through this site at all times. So feel free to ask questions and discuss the latest design techniques in the landscaping industry today.

Ask The Designers

What can be done to make Azaleas bloom longer? They are nice plants, but are only really attractive for two weeks out of the year.
by Matt -
Monday, August 29. 2016
When do I prune my roses?
by Shani -
Monday, August 22. 2016
I think that my lawn may have chinch bugs. What's the best way to treat them? Should we spot treat or do we need to treat the entire lawn?
by Tracy -
Friday, August 08. 2008
When should my crepe myrtle tree be pruned?
by Steve -
Monday, June 16. 2008
Am I suppose to be doing anything for my azaleas now? When should I prune?
by Mary -
Monday, June 16. 2008
What is causing the buds on my hibiscus to drop off without opening?
by Candace -
Friday, April 25. 2008

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